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Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
Inviting. Growing. Sending.

Who We Are

We are an inter-generational congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America that is located in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington. We seek to serve our community and world through the love that has been given to us by Jesus the Christ!

Who We Are
What We Do

What We Do

OSLC has programs for people of all ages!


what are you looking for?

 Love – Joy – Peace – Patience – Kindness – Generosity –

Faithfulness – Gentleness – Self-control – Friendship?


What are you hoping to heal from?

Conflict – Confusion – Turmoil – Anger – Loneliness –

Fear – Hatred – Frustration – Emptiness?


Come and see how Christian community helps meet our deepest yearnings and heals us through God's unconditional love.

Check out our small community on the south side of Bellingham, Sunday mornings at 10:30 am – All are welcome!

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